We unified the BEST trading elements

To bring you a whole new world of convenience, Buying & Trading Bullion At Your Fingertips

Ease of Use

Sagasta’s user-friendly interface makes the entire buy or sell transaction literally at your fingertips. Choose to transact with other users, or buy directly from one of the many internationally renowned mints at your convenience.


Liquid. Easy to Buy and Sell

With the choice of transacting with other users, or buying from internationally renowned mints, you can execute your trades quickly and at a desirable price, all on one platform.


Always On

Access our precious metals market any time of the day, from any part of the world. Our platform never sleeps.


Real Time Transactions

Choose to transact with other participating members of Sagasta, or buy directly from more than 10 internationally renowned partner mints at real time prices.


Peer to Peer Trades

With access to other members of Sagasta, you can choose to follow the prevailing prices of each product or dictate your own asking prices when you are ready to liquidate any portion of your personal holdings. As all precious metals traded within Sagasta come directly from recognized mints, all buyers from, or sellers to the secondary market can be assured of the purity and quality of all items. This also eliminates the high cost of having to assay your precious metals when you choose to sell your holdings.


Robust and Secure

Have complete peace of mind when you use Sagasta's secure trading platform. Your bullion is securely stored at our facilities in Le Freeport Singapore, and your precious metals are constantly tracked and recorded. All your bullion are deposited and allocated under your name, and is not part of a bigger allocation.


Cost Effective

Enjoy low trading charges for every transaction - you no longer have to pay large spreads when you choose to sell your precious metals. Our competitive storage costs allow you to keep your precious metals safe in secure vaults managed by Le Freeport Singapore. Eliminate other transaction costs such as logistics and insurance, as well as verification of precious metals on Sagasta.

  • All precious metals traded within the Sagasta come directly from recognized mints, thus eliminating the need for re-assaying or verifying.
  • Every buy and sell order must be backed by physical precious metals stored within Le Freeport Singapore's secure vault.
  • The bullion are then transferred to the buyer's name when a transaction has gone through.

ACE is an exclusive APP for account holders of the Singapore Precious Metals Exchange Pte Ltd. It allows account holders to Buy, Sell, Transfer and Redeem 100% physically backed Gold instantly within the Exchange platform.

Trade Gold In Fractions

100% physically backed gold and fully allocated.

Instant Liquidity

Buy/Sell/Transfer gold* instantly at prevailing spot prices with minimal spreads.

Low Transaction Fees

Only 1% to Buy or Sell or 0.25% to transfer gold* to another ACE user. Storage is FREE !

World-class storage


World-class vaults to protect all that you value

A robust bullion trading platform requires equally excellent secured storage facilities. For total peace of mind, we are the only bullion company licensed by the Singapore Customs to operate high security bonded storage facilities in Le Freeport Singapore. These represent the epitome of secured storage facilities in Singapore.

Our storage solution includes comprehensive measures such as our F.A.C.T Protocol which tracks the movement, storage and trades of all bullion in our care, every step of the way.

Storage Fees that includes Insurance Coverage

Our fully allocated and segregated storage facilities within Singapore’s most secure vaults are fully insured. Member’s of the exchange can now enjoy having their bullion stored with us and have access to instant liquidity should they require it via the Exchange.

Asset Transfer Service

Now everyone can enjoy the privilege of storing their bullion with us!

There is tremendous demand from bullion investors from all over the world to relocate existing bullion stored in various facilities across the globe. As Sagasta does not allow unauthenticated bullion into its trading ecosystem, we have arranged for a program in which circulated bullion can be verified and then relocated into the ecosystem, or circulated bullion can be stored first and authentication could be made later.

This is how circulated bullion is authenticated.

1. Circulated bullion are transported directly to our panel of approved Mints for authentication or assaying which will undertake a non-destructive verification of your precious metals when possible.


2. One of two processes can happen and it is conducted solely at the discretion of the participating mint with the authorization of the owner of the bullion.
Option 1
Circulated bullion are traded by the mint and the owner, and the newly minted bullion is then sent into the Sagasta ecosystem.
Option 2
Circulated bullion passes the scrutiny of the mint and is allowed by the mint to be sent into the Sagasta ecosystem.


3. Bullion is transported by internationally recognized couriers. Bullion products are listed on the airway bill, and are cleared by Singapore customs.


4. After customs clearance, bullion is transported directly into bonded facility by the courier.


5. Sealed boxes are then opened and jointly inspected by the representatives of both Sagasta and Independent Auditors.


6. Safekeeping records are made and each bullion is individually allocated to its owner. F.A.C.T. Protocol is used to independently track the movements and allocations of all bullion.


7. Safekeeping receipts are given to the owners of the bullion and are used to match the Sagasta records. These receipts will also be used to facilitate future trading requests by the owner.

Individual Retirement Accounts

Buy IRA approved gold coins with your IRA Funds and securely store them in Singapore


  1. A Self-Directed IRA account is established or transferred.
  2. The client forms an offshore company that the Self-Directed IRA will own.
  3. The offshore company opens an account with Sagasta. The client is the sole signatory on the account and directs all investment decisions.
  4. The client moves funds from existing retirement account in the US to the new Self Directed IRA where funds will then be forwarded to Sagasta for procurement of precious metals.
  5. Your Gold IRA is now safe and protected offshore. You may now buy and sell within the SGPMX platform with all of the tax benefits of an IRA/401k and privacy, protection and safety benefits of an offshore account.



  1. High Security Storage - Fully Insured
  2. Third party Checks and Balances
  3. Zero Western Ownership
  4. On-Demand Audits - Visit Your Metals
  5. 24-Hour Trading Platform - Instant Liquidity
  6. Asset Transfer Service - Transfer existing metals
Gold Collateralising Program

Receive instant liquidity at low interest rates. There is no longer a need to liquidate your bullion when you require cash.

Why sell when you can leverage your bullion?

Investment into physical gold means being locked in for long periods without the ability to make that money work for you in the meantime. This is the past!

Sagasta provides the bullion and our lending partners can provide liquidity without sacrificing your long positions in physical bullion. The best of both worlds.


Collateralise your gold kilobars for instant liquidity


Up to 80% Loan to Valuation


Your collateralised gold doesn’t leave the Sagasta ecosystem


Competitive Interest Rates